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We are all students in this wonderfully mad and unpredictable school of life.

I imagine what we all long for more than anything, is connection – with our authentic self, with others, with all of life, in order to live more fully.

By being yourself, you make it safe for others to be themselves.

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Moving through me there is power, fragility, meanness, generosity, sadness, sensuality, gratitude, serenity, terror, and joy.

I find life endlessly fascinating…to explore why we humans are sometimes mean, sometimes generous, why certain people upset us, why we can be so anxious and aggressive, what stops us being honest.

I have learned a lot from (sometimes repeat) courses in Unconscious Relationships, Eating My Feelings and Extreme Neediness.

I have experiential diplomas in such things as Strength Through Vulnerability, Transforming Childhood Trauma, Radical Change, Dance as Liberation and Being Joy.

My ongoing life studies include Who am I Really?, It’s Not About the Men, Advanced Self Awareness, Surrender to Tenderness and Ageing Sexuality.

Where are you in the school of life? What do you need to make the most of the rest of your life?

My aim is to live as an embodiment of love in action, whether it be through my UZAZU Embodied Intelligence work, heartfelt connection, dance, writing, group work or the Game of Transformation.

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence

Yvonne Cuneo

Talking about challenges in our personal or professional lives in a rational way is only helpful to a point. There’s a lot of therapies and coaching styles that work from this level of the mind – I know better than anybody the trap of talking myself in circles, till I’m truly sick of myself and my ‘stories’… and very little changes. But UZAZU Embodied Intelligence understands that the body stores old stresses and memories and so works from the level of body-mind. 

Using body postures and sounds, different dimensions and the elements, and noticing over and under activations, UZAZU can explore issues you’re aware of on the surface and also things buried more deeply. People are often surprised by how this method so quickly cuts through the chatter and the defences, touching in, through the body, with what most needs attention. Once the body reveals the tensions, imbalances and vulnerabilities that stop you reaching your potential (a state of wholeness), we can address them. Using various techniques, limiting mindsets can be shifted and cleared in a grounded, embodied way so that results tend to be more permanent.

So I say – get out of your head and give UZAZU a try. Working with things at the body-mind level brings insight and the opportunity to change old behaviour patterns forever.

I offer 75 minute sessions online by zoom or in person.

  • Minimum two sessions – £96
  • Four session block – £180
  • Ten session block – £430

Snippets of appreciation for UZAZU:

  • By the time we finished our ten zoom sessions so much had transformed…I had some really great techniques that I could use to keep reconnecting to myself instead of disassociating.
  • Thanks to UZAZU, my body is the vehicle for transformation.
  • The Uzazu movements have stayed with me and infiltrated my trauma clearing work.
  • Enacting the movements and gestures, allowed me to find my centre, diminish my confusion, and seek out support.
  • Four in person sessions helped me to gain new understanding of long-standing aspects of my life, in addition to embodying ways to improve them
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I offer a mutually expansive and transparent space of honest connection and equality, welcoming sanity and madness, the depths of your inner world, humour and imperfection. In an exciting but unravelling world let’s see where that leads us.

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The Game of Transformation

A board game with a difference!

Choose an intention and use the game as a powerful tool to uncover your gifts, blocks and blind spots and identify ways forward. I am a trained facilitator of The Game.

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Writing & Speaking from the Heart


I can bring heart and inspiration to a piece of your writing or write something meaningful and authentic for you from scratch, after an initial consultation. I am also available as an honest, down to earth motivational speaker.

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Learn to make time for and articulate important moments in your personal, family and professional life so that they are not lost in the daily rush. How to open a meeting, or any space, with heart and precision.

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Working with Groups

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Learn how to hold a group with heart. I also offer games of self-discovery, FORUM facilitation (a tool to build group trust through transparency, vulnerability and authenticity), and Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects.

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Circle Dancing

A wonderfully effective non-verbal tool to create community, always involving lots of laughter, and also holding the capacity for deep connection to heal and open the heart. I hold sessions of varying lengths with groups from ten people to a hundred, so please contact me to see how I can support your group. I use traditional and choreographed dances from all over the world, from fast gypsy rhythms to quieter meditative dances.

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