I am a lover of mountain ridges and faraway places, a dancer, a huge hungry heart, and a curious observer of my curriculum in this school of life.

Where are you in the school of life? What do you need to make the most of the rest of your life?

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We shall not cease from exploration…

I’m 65 years not old, sitting in a little lighthouse cottage on the tiny island of Erraid where the Findhorn Foundation has a small community of seven, deeply embedded in nature and its cycles. I am here to take a break and just ‘be’, to tune into the pulse of the universe. I’m here to…

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My Hungry Heart – the road to Findhorn

At 26 I left Sydney to travel the world on my own for a year. I had left a marriage which I had wanted with all my young, innocent and needy heart, because I was restless, starved of something unnameable, and hungry to put myself out there to explore the infinite possibilities of life. My…

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The Elephants in My Room

Most of my life the elephants in my life were too awkward, too uncomfortable, too embarrassing, too close to the bone – it was better to ignore them and hope they’d go away. But the problem with baby elephants is that they grow into huge elephants with dangerous tusks, long trunks that can pick you…

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