I reached out to Yvonne because I’d had a bad accident which in addition to some physical problems had left me feeling disconnected from my body and my joy. From the moment we started the Uzazu Embodiment sessions on zoom Yvonne was amazing. She created a wonderful safe, fun and non-judgemental space where we could explore what was going on with me and my connection to my body. Her insight and wisdom were also razor sharp which was so helpful because it helped me understand at a really profound level the bigger picture of what was going on.

By the time we finished our ten sessions so much had transformed. I was feeling joyful again, I was relating to people and I was having fun. I also had some really great techniques that I could use to keep reconnecting to myself instead of disassociating if I got anxious or stressed.

Working with Yvonne was such a positive experience. I absolutely recommend her if you need a safe and loving pair of hands with whom to do some embodiment work.

Catherine Maguire

I had one in person session with Yvonne – she was comforting and insightful. The UZAZU technique was amazing. It wasn’t just talking and counselling – it was experiential. The process enabled me to first explain the issue and then it invited me through a series of postures, to physically actualise it in my body. Wow! I could feel the dissonance of my issue within the tissues of my body! and Yvonne creatively and intuitively helped me to physically come into relationship with it. To feel it in my body truly brings it Home. Now, when I am interiorly ill at ease regarding something, I resist the instinctual urge to separate from it and/or the person that’s causing it, and remember that I need to connect with myself – cradle posture. Thanks to UZAZU, my body is the vehicle for transformation.

Peter Awit

Yvonne combines her experiences of holding space for groups with her Uzazu training to create an environment full of insight potential. Working with Yvonne in person over four sessions helped me to gain new understanding of long-standing aspects of my life, in addition to embodying ways to improve them. Highly recommended.


I took the opportunity to have an Uzazu session with Yvonne with a completely open mind. Over more than thirty years of searching to clear the trauma, I have tried many things searching for the right tools. I have been working with a trauma clearing programme for two years and made considerable progress but I have always felt I was missing the grounding, a structure to help me move forward in life. With the first Uzazu session I felt a deep natural connection, a reflection of strength and self-generation. The sessions presented the tools to ground the trauma clearing work I have been doing, and the Uzazu movements have stayed with me and infiltrated my trauma clearing work. The added dimension is that the ‘stepping forward, stepping back, being in the present’ and the strength of ‘being the tree’ stays with me throughout the day in between the trauma clearing sessions. I have found the glue that enables the trauma clearing work to stick.

I had no preconceived ideas of Uzazu but will always be grateful for the two sessions (one in person, one on zoom) I have done with Yvonne who is a natural, highly skilled practitioner, operating with such non-judgemental compassion I am in awe. The world is a better place because of her contribution.

Trish, re-forming searcher and hypervigilant people pleaser

My session on zoom with Yvonne coincided with a big decision & a family transition time for me. It was really helpful in highlighting my reluctance for both support and stretch – while knowing full well I was about to say a ‘yes’ to considerable stretch.

Getting a felt sense of possible balance between these apparently competing pulls by enacting the movements and gestures, allowed me find my centre, diminish my confusion, and seek out support and find a wholehearted yes.

Thank YOU Yvonne !


Yvonne has given me deeper insights into my emotional life and old baggage that I unconsciously dragged along with me. As I became aware of this burden I was able to give it a place, and in an embodied way return it to where it belongs. I feel liberated and can now begin the next step in my development. I’m very grateful to Yvonne for the in person session I had.

Monique Delescen

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