Yvonne’s Lovestreams

I am continuing the lovestream walks because I have so loved what we’ve been creating together over the last 33 months – a true fellowship of deep connection and the reciprocity of giving and receiving support, love and laughter as we walk each other home. True companionship on the path!

‘Yvonne’s lovestreams, walking each other home’ begin Friday 3 Feb at 3pm UK time and will continue every Friday. Timing will change to 4pm when daylight allows.
Huge gratitude to Michael Mitton for his inspired initiative to begin these walks in March 2020 in response to lockdown, and the Findhorn Foundation for providing me with this platform on which to learn for almost 3 years, and the freedom to be creative and grow myself and a global fellowship of like-minded people. Like so many other projects incubated within the Foundation, this one is now released to be a thriving independent endeavour. Hope to see you there live or on the recorded version. So exciting! To join the walk go to this link

If you feel drawn to support this initiative and the expenses incurred through much needed technical support, my transport costs and to keep me financially sustainable, it is very welcome and appreciated…and totally optional. Your company is more important and that alone is a great contribution!

If you prefer to contribute by bank transfer or donate a different amount then please do contact me by Facebook private message or via my contact page.

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