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Yvonne Cuneo

I am a lifelong student (sometimes a slow learner, sometimes a teacher) in the generic ‘school of life’, a curious observer of my gifts and my foibles, a lover of mountain ridges and faraway places, a dancer, an exuberant life force, a wordsmith, an organiser, a huge hungry heart, and, when I remember, pure awareness.

Who I am and what I offer

I grew up in Sydney, Australia, and was a high school English literature and language teacher for many years, directing and choreographing school musicals and imparting to my students the power of their creative life force, the beauty of language and the joy and fulfilment of meaningful relationships.

I’ve lived all over the world (Cairo, Dubai, New Orleans, Sarawak, The Hague) since leaving Sydney in 1983. For the last 20 years I have lived and worked in the Findhorn Foundation, an international spiritual community and lifelong learning centre at the heart of an ecovillage in northeast Scotland. From 2010 to 2020 this included running programmes for professional people from all aspects of the sustainability arena. From April 2021 I am excited to be self-employed.

I have learned a lot from (sometimes repeat) courses in Unconscious Relationships, Sugar: eating my feelings, The Delights and Challenges of Marriage and Divorce, Abandoning Myself, How Cunning is my Ego and Extreme Neediness.

My life continues to unfold as I evolve and heal and feel endless joy for the infinite possibilities of my life, and as I seek to bring joy and self-acceptance to support the healing and evolution of others.

I have found strength and connection in expressing vulnerability, and telling my story is my path to self-love and self-compassion, and to feeling love and compassion for others. This is one thread of my personal contribution to making this world a better place.

My ongoing life studies include Radical Honesty, Who or What Am I Really?, Life as Love in Action, It’s Not About the Men, Self-Nurture, Advanced Self Awareness, Letting My Heart Run the Show, I Am Enough, Exploring Boundaries, Surrender to Tenderness, Ageing Sexuality, Shamanism, and Feeling the Pain: the road to recovery.

My Offerings

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