How Smart is Your Body?

Many years ago I was told that my intellect was the greatest block to my personal and spiritual development. Wow! Perhaps that’s true of you, too. The culture I grew up in certainly rewarded a high IQ and academic success.

These days, Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Spiritual Intelligence (SI) have brought a greater awareness and understanding to what makes a truly rounded or ‘whole’ person. But what about our physical body? Is the body just a brain taxi? How smart is my body, your body? What intelligence lies in its cells and tissues?

I’m a hiker, a dancer and an animated performer. I love to feel my body in motion, and my body has certainly given me important information at pivotal moments in my life. Wasn’t it an indescribable deep belly flip during meditation that told me to join the Maintenance Team at the Findhorn Foundation in 2001, when saying yes to such a thing was beyond my worst nightmare? And didn’t that turn out to be the most wonderful of years?

My body has its own intelligence and I continue to deeply listen and trust it…and be curious. I’ve noticed that my body has a deeply buried agitation which I have acted out in all sorts of wild and crazy ways and ‘fed’ with sugar and lots of activity. I have all sorts of questions about how the psychological and the physiological interact – how emotions show up in the body, how past life events are held in this amazing system of blood, bones, muscles, nerves, organs and all the ten miraculous systems working together in an organized manner for the benefit of the total being. I am in constant awe of the complexity of the body and how we, as a species, generally take for granted this most extraordinary organism. As I grow older I have increasing gratitude for my feet and hands, my eyes and ears, my skin, my intestines, my sinews, my left and right brains, my pumping heart…

This love of my own physicality took an interesting turn in January 2022 when my clairvoyant, who I’ve grown to trust, told me, out of the blue, “you are very embodied, you will teach ‘embodiment’ to individuals and groups, and it is your highest calling to do so”. Having no idea what this term ‘embodiment’ actually meant or how it could possibly be taught, I dismissed this piece of information out of hand.

Imagine my surprise, five weeks later, having forgotten all about this, finding myself, through a series of coincidences, on a free webinar and seriously considering signing up for a rigorous 9-month accredited training in UZAZU Embodied Intelligence. The course started within the week and was a huge commitment in time and money. As I was driving along trying to make a decision I suddenly remembered what my clairvoyant had said to me in January and knew immediately that I must do this training…and so within one week I had begun.

Imagine my even greater surprise when the very next day a friend sent me a message saying I had popped into her head as someone who could help her as she had been feeling very stuck for some time and needed to get back into her body. OMG! Universal feedback or what! And so I dived in feet first with both theory and practice.

Fast forward 9 months – from conception to my rebirth as a fully accredited UZAZU Embodied Intelligence practitioner. Even more exciting is the imminent training, ‘UZAZU for Groups’. So exciting!

If you are curious about how UZAZU Embodied Intelligence harnesses the IQ of the body and why it is so effective please read more…

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